Cassini Top 10 Images of 2012

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Cassini Top 10 Images of 2012

As the Cassini spacecraft roams the Saturnian system, each year it opens new windows on an amazing corner of our solar system. Images of mighty Saturn, its majestic rings, and the dynamic moons continue to stun us, offering ever-changing vistas that are truly inspiring. This collection of 10 best images was selected by the scientists on the mission. You can imagine their pride.

A Splendor Seldom Seen

Vortex at Saturn’s North Pole

Tiny Tethys

Gray Egg

Obscured by Rings

Colorful Colossuses and Changing Hues

Titan’s Colorful South Polar Vortex

Classic Trails or Mini-Jets

Enceladus Plume (Raw image)

Closest Dione Flyby

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