About Us

About MadeInSpace.com

MadeInSpace.com is an online property of the Travelindex Group, a leader in the development of global travel platforms, marketplaces and digital technology. Travelindex offers a full range of content and marketing solutions to professionals in the lifestyle and tourism industries. Travelindex helps companies, big and small, to make meaningful connections with professionals, media, influencers, social networks and consumers around the world.

We are innovators

Since 2003, the Travelindex Group has created data driven travel discovery and travel planning resources, including a Space Travel directory. Travelindex owns digital media products, brands and a technology framework helping businesses create more efficient online communication tools. The company and its leaders put a priority on the integration of sustainability into distribution and management systems to bring tangible benefits to its partners and clients helping them to improve reputation and goodwill.

History & Future

The Founders of the Travelindex Group published, in the 1960’s the first travel guide to the Moon. With the realization of MadeInSpace.com, Travelindex will contribute to a better understanding of space and why the development of space activities is the solution for the well-being* on planet Earth.

*well-being: a contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to advance the understanding of Space beyond the space insider community and inspire entrepreneurs, and the public at large, to join the economic and industrial development of space; the greatest challenge for generations to come.

Some of the core activity sectors for the economic and industrial development of space are:

  • Space Architecture
  • Space Economics
  • Space Energy
  • Space Environment & Climate
  • Space Exploration
  • Space Finance
  • Space Geology & Mining
  • Space Geopolitics
  • Space Intelligence
  • Space Life Sustainability
  • Space Medicine
  • Space Mining
  • Space Settlement
  • Space Strategy
  • Space Supply Chain Development
  • Space Travel
  • Space Weather
  • Spacecraft Engineering
  • Business Strategy for Space Exploration
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications for Space
  • Cybersecurity in Space
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