NASA’s Worm Logo

A red sign reading "NASA" in the "worm" logotype created in the 1970s stands before a crowd of people clapping and taking pictures. The red three-dimensional letters rest on a black platform, which is on a blue carpet in front of the Earth Information Center at NASA Headquarters in Washington.
NASA / Joel Kowsky

The NASA Worm Logo sign at the NASA Headquarters building in Washington is unveiled in this image from June 21, 2023. The unveiling occurred just before NASA’s Earth Information Center, an immersive experience combining live data sets with cutting-edge data visualization and storytelling, opened to the public.

On Nov. 6, 2023, NASA held a discussion on the design and cultural significance of the worm logotype with its creator Richard Danne. The logotype, a simple, red unique type style of the word NASA, replaced the agency’s official logo (the “meatball”) for several decades beginning in the 1970s before it was retired. The worm has since been revived for limited use.

Learn more about the “worm” on “Houston We Have a Podcast,” the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Image Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky

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