NASA Partner Zooniverse Receives White House Open Science Award

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NASA Partner Zooniverse Receives White House Open Science Award

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Selection of Zooniverse project avatars.


Congrats to NASA partner Zooniverse for being named winners in the White House’s Year of Open Science Recognition Challenge!

The White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) designated 2023 as the year of Open Science, and invited innovators to submit stories of how they’ve advanced equitable open science. OSTP and its federal partners selected five challenge project submissions as “Champions of Open Science” including Zooniverse.

Since 2007, Zooniverse has become the largest online open data platform for people-powered research, engaging more than 2.7 million people. NASA Citizen Science projects hosted on the Zooniverse platform include Cloudspotting on Mars, Dark Energy ExplorersFloating ForestsAre We Alone In the Universe?Disk DetectiveSolar Active Region SpotterBackyard Worlds: Cool NeighborsBackyard Worlds: Planet 9Active AsteroidsDaily Minor PlanetSolar Jet HunterJovian Vortex Hunter, Redshift WranglerBurst Chaser and Planet Hunters TESS.

“With Zooniverse we have classified more galaxies than we ever thought possible!” said Lindsay House, scientist on the Dark Energy Explorers project.  “Zooniverse participants have been vital in helping us map the universe.” 

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