Conrad Macao Introduces Lapidem Rituals and Crystal Sound Therapy

Conrad Macao Introduces Lapidem Rituals and Crystal Sound Therapy - TRAVELINDEX - TOP25SPAS.comMacao, Macao SAR, September 7, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Conrad Macao’s Bodhi Spa has introduced two gratifying wellness experiences, both of which provide noticeable benefits, Lapidem Rituals and Crystal Sound Therapy Meditation classes.

The only spa in Macao to offer Lapidem Rituals, these indulgent treatments at Bodhi Spa combine intensive pampering with Lapidem’s critically-acclaimed products from Japan. The other addition, Crystal Sound Therapy Meditation, also known as singing bowl therapy, brings inner stillness and a deep sense of peace.

Both are founded in venerable traditions and wisdom, and adapted for a contemporary and complete sensory experience that will leave guests feeling nourished.

Four Exclusive Lapidem Rituals

Lapidem is noted for its philosophy that only when the body, mind and soul are balanced is beauty created. This holistic outlook is showcased in Lapidem’s best-selling products, which include skin, body and hair care ranges. Combining Lapidem’s results-driven range and ancient Japanese beliefs towards health and wellness, with the expertise of Bodhi Spa therapists, has resulted in the creation of four specially designed signature rituals, each lasting 2.5 hours.

Choices include:

• The deeply relaxing Healing Ritual, which uses constant and fluctuating massage techniques, relieving fatigue, stress and chronic pain, while improving sleep quality. Included in this treatment is Lapidem’s Calm bath & massage oil and a moisturising mist.

• The exquisite detoxifying Purification Ritual eases fatigue, reduces swelling, rejuvenates, and rebalances hydration. Lapidem’s Charge bath & massage oil and five elements Repair Jelly Cream are some of the products included in this ritual.

• Based on Chinese medicine the Energetic Alignment Ritual revitalises, restores healing, balances mind and body, regulates hormonal balance and improves immunity. A concentrated Lapidem Serum Lotion and the Vital Mask are just some of the range included.

• Designed specifically for the busy and active man, the Gentleman’s Escape Ritual enhances sleep quality, boosts energy levels, counters eye strain, and alleviates fatigue, stiff neck and shoulders. Lapidem’s five elements bath & massage oils and a moisturising mist are used.

All rituals take place in private spa suites and begin with an aromatic bath and steam, plus a choice of Lapidem oils that are based on the Chinese philosophy of the five elements, and end with a reviving head massage and wakeup ritual.

To maintain and continue the results beyond the spa, a range of innovative Lapidem products, which are highly functional, predominately all natural (95-100%) and made in Japan, are also available for sale at Bodhi Spa. This includes the moisturising five elements Repair Jelly Cream, the revitalising Vital Mask, and the full range of five elements bath & massage oils.

Crystal Sound Therapeutic Classes

Crystal sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years. It is known to lower stress levels and bring inner calm that stimulates the body and mind to enter a natural meditative state. Taking place in the Wellness Lounge, the Crystal Sound Therapy Meditation classes will be led by Thai practitioner and crystal sound therapy expert, Nong Sompong.

Also known for therapeutic properties, the sounds and vibrational frequencies emanating from the crystal quartz bowls are designed to unblock the chakras (energy centres) and promote a healthy flow of energy, thereby promoting overall physical and emotional health. The classes are twofold. The first part of the class is a calming guided meditation combined with the bowls, while the second part is the resonating tones of the crystal bowls only. The overall experience is that of being transported to a profound level of relaxation.

Classes are available at 6:00pm every Wednesday and at 10:00am every Saturday, with the option of a small group class (MOP250* per person), a two-person class (MOP500*per person) or a private class (MOP800*).

Tracy Lord, director of Spa Operations, Bodhi Spa said, “We are elated to be introducing both of these wellbeing offerings to guests. We all need to escape daily pressures, and to take care of our body physically and our mind emotionally, and these new additions to Bodhi Spa’s comprehensive menu do just that. The Lapidem Rituals are designed holistically to achieve profound results. The crystal sound classes, like the rituals, take a comprehensive approach and are a perfect tool for reducing stress, pressure and worry, while motivating people to slow down.”

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